Solving 3D Printing Woes

Solving 3D Printing Woes: Bed Adhesion

Are you new to 3D printing and facing frustrating issues with bed adhesion? Or perhaps you’ve been dabbling in 3D printing for a while but can’t seem to achieve that perfect first layer? Well, you’re not alone! Bed adhesion is a critical aspect of successful 3D printing, and it can make or break your entire print. But fear not, there’s hope on the horizon, and today we’ll delve into my recent experience and the discovery that revolutionized my 3D printing journey.

The Elusive Quest for Perfect Bed Adhesion

The journey of a 3D printing enthusiast is filled with excitement, creativity, and occasional moments of frustration. For me, bed adhesion became the elusive challenge I couldn’t quite conquer, despite years of experience in the world of 3D printing. Bed adhesion refers to the crucial first layer, where the plastic must stick perfectly to the print bed. If this initial layer fails, it can lead to catastrophic print failures later on.

I tried various 3D printing materials like PLA, ABS, and PETG, but bed adhesion issues persisted, no matter how many adjustments I made. I experimented with the commonly recommended factors like a clean and level print bed, correct nozzle-to-bed distance, and even installed a BL touch bed leveling sensor. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t completely overcome the problem.

The Game-Changing Discovery: Enter Magikoo

Fed up with recurring bed adhesion issues, I decided to take a chance and explore alternative solutions. I stumbled upon a product called “Magigoo,” a bed coating specifically designed to improve bed adhesion. Magigoo comes in a glue stick-type dispenser with a sponge top, making it easy to apply to the print bed.

Applying Magikoo: A Simple Process

To put an end to my bed adhesion woes, I decided to give Magigoo a try. I followed the straightforward instructions provided with the product. Before applying Magigoo, I thoroughly washed and dried the print beds of my 3 Creality printers, ensuring no residual oils from handling remained. Then, I cleaned the beds with isopropanol alcohol to prepare them for the coating.

Once the beds were ready, I shook the Magigoo bottle to ensure proper blending of the ingredients. Applying the liquid to the print bed was as simple as spreading an even coating across the surface. It’s worth noting that an even coat is crucial for optimal results, as any uncovered areas might lead to adhesion issues in that specific spot.

The Night-and-Day Difference

After applying Magigoo and letting the print beds dry, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the first layer. On one printer with a dark-colored bed, Magigoo worked like a charm from the get-go. However, on another printer with a glass bed, some minor adjustments were needed, including tweaking the leveling and nozzle offset. Nevertheless, once those adjustments were made, the prints came out flawlessly.

Final Thoughts: A Game-Changer for 3D Printing

My experience with Magigoo proved to be a game-changer.  If you’re already achieving good bed adhesion, you may not need this product. However, for those struggling with adhesion issues, Magigoo offers a cost-effective and practical solution. With each bottle providing numerous applications, it’s a small investment that can greatly improve your 3D printing success.

Remember, this blog post is based on my experience, and individual results may vary depending on printer models and other factors. If you’re interested in trying Magigoo, why not use my Amazon affiliate link – . (As an Amazon affiliate, I will earn a small commission from any qualifying sales)


In the world of 3D printing, bed adhesion can be a daunting challenge for both beginners and experienced makers. If you find yourself struggling to achieve that perfect first layer, consider exploring products like Magigoo to improve your bed adhesion. It might just be the magical solution you’ve been looking for to unlock a world of successful 3D prints.

Happy 3D printing!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Magigoo, and I have shared my experience independently.

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